Simple Pizza Dough

  • 1½ kg Plain Flour sifted
  • 2 tablespoons sea salt
  • 3 tablespoons Honey
  • 500 ml Water
  • 30 g Fresh Yeast
  • 50 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Mix the salt with the flour.
  2. Mix the honey and water together and warm to around 37c. (No more)
  3. Add the yeast, crumbling it with your fingers.
  4. Do not overheat the water or the yeast will die.
  5. Put the flour and salt into a bowl and make a well in the centre. When the yeast is foaming, after approx 10 minutes, add the water and honey and olive oil to the flour.
  6. When it forms a mass, turn it out onto the bench and knead.
  7. Continue kneading for 8 minutes, until the dough is strong and elastic.
  8. Place the dough back in the bowl and allow it to prove in a warm place until the dough doubles in size, about 1 hour.
  9. Now you can ball the dough for use or refrigerate until required.(Allow to reach room temp before using)