Feedback From Our Happy Customers

We have had our Wildcat 6000 oven now for a month and it is great!
We made pizzas the first time we used it and they were the best Bob has tasted. We also did a roast dinner and it was also excellent. I really enjoy cooking in a wood oven, it imparts unique flavours into the food and makes cooking fun again!
Thank you again

Bob & Anne

Hi Jon,

I got the new oven (Wildcat 6000) home and after bribing a couple of neighbors with beer, we managed to get it onto the back deck!

Trolley assembly was easy, and I ducked down to Bunnings to grab a dektite for the flue. It was installed through the laserlite roof and up and running within 2 hrs of getting it home.

We baked the paint on first, as per the paint curing instructions and then let it cool before we started cooking.

The missus tried some scones first, they were spot on, then we did some roast spuds and pumkin, awesome, then she made some pizza dough and we did a few pizzas, which were perfect.

As you know I already have a very large brick wood fired oven in the backyard, which is great for big parties with lots of people, but it takes a good 3 1/2 hrs just to heat up and uses quite a bit of firewood.

The new Wildcat 6000 heats up in no time and uses bugger all wood and we can use it daily if we want! Couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you!

Dave & Jac

Melbourne VIC

Dear Wildcat Industries,

We love our new pizza oven and it’s a great addition to our new outdoor kitchen.

The quality and workmanship is second to none and all our friends and family agree.

Thanks again for the prompt delivery and appreciate all the after sales service you have provided.

I look forward to many, many years of pizza making and will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone I know.


Brad & Tanja

Adelaide SA

Hi Jon,

For a few weeks I was searching for a wood pizza oven I didn’t know if I should build one or buy a complete unit.

Looked at many, the DIY pizza oven works great but this took some work and most of all I can’t move it, so I came across the WILDCAT 6000 and I tell you what, I fell in love with it, not only because it works great ,it also looks great, moves very easily and its made in AUSTRALIA.

It takes no time to heat and food tastes great. I’m so happy with this pizza oven I decided to place the WILDCAT 6000 in my showroom and give the chance for W.A people to enjoy the great way of life.

Great job Jon & Crew keep it up.

John Letizia

Port Kembla NSW

(Received via text message)


Sitting on back deck with oven at about 200+c. Did not have the makings for dough so the potato gems went in and are great! Best I ever had, will send picture to follow, thanks!

Anonymous Customer

I thought I would drop you a line as a quick note to say thanks – I am very happy with the outdoor oven delivered only a couple of weeks ago.

In the last week my first two meals in the outdoor oven have gone very well, in particular, I think the ability to control the temperature is crucial, and with your “heat dump” vent in the inside roof of the unit I had no issue getting the temperature spot on for a butterfly lamb roast and later in the week getting the pizza’s perfect. A very definite thumbs up from the family!.

You have a great product and I happily endorse it, it took me a while to find what I wanted (I think you have a unique product here) but now I have it!.

Please feel free to use this email in your promotional material.

Thanks again and well done


Western Australia

Hi Jon & Leonie,

This is a very belated message to let you know we love our Wildcat pizza oven. I purchased this for my husband for Xmas 2010. Your service was exceptional. We can see you both are passionate about your quality product. When he saw it he couldn’t wait to put it together. We didn’t use it much at the start because we were having over 40c temperatures. Finally weather cool enough and away we went. We have cooked Pizzas & roasts and all were amazing! We have found we do use the extra temp gauge you supplied as it is more accurate than the one on the door(not sure if faulty or just inaccurate).The smoky taste is worth the effort. It is a very sturdy oven and it is great to buy something Australian made. Well done! We would definately recommend to others. I also like the recipes on your website. Keep up the good work.

Deb & David

South Australia

Hi Jon, Just want to let you know how pleased we are with our new Pizza oven. Over the last two weekends we have made pizzas, sourdough bread, roast lamb and pork and the results were excellent. The oven produced the best pizza I have ever made over many years, and I just wish we had bought an oven earlier. Congratulations on a great product.


Tony & Fiona

Morning John & Leonie,

Thank you John & Leonie for providing such outstanding customer service.

Having initially made contact via your website I must say that we were a little nervous about purchasing a product interstate, but your friendly and considerate manner and great product knowledge allayed any fears and hence we took delivery of our “Wildcat 6000 Pizza Oven” – who we have named Suzie.

What a great decision!!! we are over the moon – it is everything you said it would be.

Being a female only household we have found the oven simple and easy to use, fuel efficient, and producing the most delightful taste in all the meals and pizzas we cook. It feels great having our neighbours calling in with their blocks of wood and bread dough to bake in our oven.

Our friends had purchased a concrete/dome pizza oven and are very disappointed with it’s performance. We are so glad we viewed your website and chose your product.

We wish you all the success and hope that you are well supported with your Australian owned business.

The happy cooks,
Lorraine & Roxanie
Mob: 0410 507 364
Hm: 07 3311 3113

PS: We are very happy for you to use our contact number if someone would like to speak
with the end user.

Lorraine Bannister

Hi Leonie and John

I have had the Wildcat 5000 pizza for 1 month now and getting a real handle on how it works best.

My wife Susan and I had about 10 mates and some wives invite themselves around for pizza and to watch the AFL grandfinal – had a great day and cooked about 16 pizzas and 1 1/2 kgs of chicken wings.

The oven was going for about 10 hours and didn’t use very much wood and cooked the pizzas to perfection.

The oven was a great focal point and later in the evening pulled the fire closer to the front and mates stood around the fire chatting – as friends should.

Makes you wonder what you did before it. Happy for people to ring me if they want a customers opinion. 0439348927. Maybe if Richmond get in next year I will have even more around.

Luke and Susan

Luke & Susan