Wildcat Owners Den: Gunning down those delicious dishes!

A year ago since Wildcat Owners Den was first revealed to the world, lots of Wildcat oven owners shared wonderful pictures of their delicious food and oven setup. One of what took our attention was John Gunning’s stunning images. He shared with the community some of the excellent dishes he passionately prepared. Judging by the looks it tastes excellent! The setup of his Wildcat wood-fired oven looks great with the green outdoor background. Any party or get-together that will end up in this place will surely be awesome with the spacious area and delicious freshly cooked food.

“All Australian hand made cookware and Pizza Oven real steel and Stainless Steel not cheap inferior imported products that rust no nickel in their stainless that’s why they rust buyer beware of cheap overseas crap.”
– John Gunning

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