Hosting a Safe (and Low-Cost) Party

If you want to throw a party this year on a budget, you can pull it off safely if you follow some simple guidelines and keep it small. Other ideas include: Host the gathering outside and think about ways to light up your patio or backyard to keep the party going after dark. Save money by using homemade decorations, and remember to put out some hand sanitizer and have a hand-washing station for guests. If you choose to do a cookout, try to use ingredients that you can grow at home or find at a farmer’s market. As you prepare for the big day, MyPizzaOven hopes quality food cooked from our Wildcat wood-fired pizza ovens will make this a memorable event.

While you want to throw a party that everyone will enjoy, you need to make sure that everyone stays safe, especially if there are any people invited who are at high risk of getting COVID-19. While we ease back into getting together, it’s important to make sure your guest list matches your available space, with room to spare! Now is not the time to pack people in, but to enjoy the pleasure of smaller, more intimate gatherings with lots of elbow room.

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