Lighting your Wildcat Wood Fired Oven for the first time

Now that you have made your purchase, first of all Congratulations! We know you will enjoy using your new Wildcat Wood Fired Pizza Oven.

To get you started I thought I would explain the ‘first firing’ so you cure your oven perfectly. This will cure the paintwork, burn off any oil residue on the metal and get rid of any welding contaminants.

Start with a small amount of dry kindling (Pine is fine) and newspaper or firelighters. DON’T OVER DO IT! I know its tempting and you just want to cook now!, but just a small amount will do. When the fire has taken off add a few small pieces of dry hardwood, like Redgum, no thicker than your wrist. Close the firebox door. Ideally your temperature will get no hotter than 200C.(Read the temperature gauge inside the oven ) Let this burn for 2 – 3 hours.  Only adding more wood when your fire  has burnt to coals. Coals enable you to keep a more even temperature. Cool the oven overnight if possible or for a few hours and now your ready to cook.

Your Wildcat Wood Fired Pizza Oven will only take approximately 1/2 an hour to reach cooking temperature now so get cooking!!!